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Whenever possible, the process starts with an office meeting with the clients to discuss the entire matter, be it a purchase or sale,  to the end that the contract  negotiated confirms to the needs and expectations of the client.   It is essential, especially with the purchase, that the buyers know their role in the process and that of the attorney.   A very important part of the process is to review all cost items with the buyer to be certain they are comfortable with the monies ultimately required to complete the purchase.  Next  I discuss the sequence of events which follow from the completion of the attorney review and the role of the client in each step.   Such things as the mortgage application  process,  home inspections,  title searches, and homeowner's insurance are  highlighted. This conference generally takes a good hour and sometimes longer in the case of a first time home buyer.     A prime purpose of the meeting is to  create a good working relationship between myself and the client which always helps considerably during the entire process.  that already are in foreclosure or perhaps already advanced to a sheriff's sale. After a successful mediation meeting, both the homeowner and lender

walk away with what they want without havin

g spent the time and expense locked in foreclosure litigation.

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