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Law That Applies to Small Businesses & Large Corporations

At the law office of William L. Pegg Jr., I offer business owners a range of services related to business law. From the establishment of a new business to dealing with debtor/creditor relations, I offer clients throughout Morristown, New Jersey, some simple solutions to complex legal issues. If you are dealing with personal law problems, I have expertise in that area, too.

Business Papers

Business Planning

When you have a business idea, the hardest part is getting it off the ground. Starting a small business or home business takes sound financial and business planning skill. Finding a name, marketing, technology, loans, and sales strategy are only the basics; obtaining the right permits, knowing the zoning laws in your state, and more can lead to headaches you did not expect. I inform you of new rules regarding sales tax, intellectual property, and more.

Debt Collection

Collection attorneys specialize in creditor rights and represent businesses, collection agencies, banks, credit unions, health care providers, and other commercial creditors in the collection of debts. I also offer the protection and enforcement of creditor rights and remedies, including remedies when debtors have filed for bankruptcy protection.

Debtor/Creditor Relations

Too often, economic difficulties paralyze a business, and the inability to make a decision or develop a strategy can make a bad situation even worse. Some businesses may not adequately plan for economic downturns, nor are they always prepared when their customers or suppliers are faced with an unanticipated financial hurdle. My law firm has the experience to counsel any clients facing such challenges and to guide them through such times.

Shareholder Disputes

Whether your case presents a simple contract dispute or complex shareholder or partnership agreement litigation, my business attorneys represent your matters with the complete consideration and respect you deserve. Contact my office to ensure your business is protected and properly compensated with the help of an experienced New Jersey shareholder dispute attorney.